Volunteer Guidelines

1. Membership in Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ (herein after referred to as the Organization) must represent a commitment to upholding and promoting the highest standards of conduct on behalf the Organization. Members will represent the Organization in good faith and good conscience.

2. I agree to the annual $35.00 Team Administration Fee and will assist the Team Leader in accumulating the funds.

3. I agree to submit my name for a Police Records Check and promise to advise the Organization immediately if any change occurs. I acknowledge and give permission for Therapeutic Paws of Canada to provide documentation from the Police Records Check to the community facility. I understand that this information will be treated as confidential. At each year-end I will submit a signed Confirmation form to the Team Leader.

4. Members (hereinafter referred to as “volunteers” both human and animal) representing the Organization in community facilities will at all times be discreet and will consider any and all information shared with them as confidential.

5. Volunteers must be sensitive to all situations and refrain from asking personal questions or making comments which may offend the clients.

6. Volunteers must wear the approved apparel when representing the Organization in public.

7. Volunteers agree to abide by the Organization’s vaccination and health requirements and will submit proof annually of same to their Team Leader.

8. Volunteers agree that their pet partner will accompany them on a therapy pet visit only in a well-groomed, clean and healthy state.

9. Volunteers agree that on pet therapy visits, their pet will always be on leash, and the leash will always be in the hands of the pet’s TPOC-approved handler; one pet only per handler on visits or events.

10. Volunteers will not invite/permit any person other than TPOC members to accompany them on a TPOC visit.

11. Volunteers agree that when any noticeable change in the pet’s temperament or if physical limitations are evident they will immediately retire the pet from the program or participate in another evaluation.

12. Volunteer will immediately advise the Team Leader if a facility brings forward a concern regarding any issue.

13. Members whose membership has ended can no longer wear any apparel approved by TPOC; this applies to their pet as well. Such misuse of TPOC apparel constitutes false representation.

14. Volunteers agree to honour the visitation schedule set out by the facility and Team Leader and will advise the facility and Team Leader if the need arises to cancel/change a scheduled visit. All TPOC volunteers must record each of their visits in the TPOC sign-in book.

15. Volunteers agree to immediately advise the Team Leader and facility staff if they will be absent from visiting longer than three (3) weeks.

16. Volunteers agree to not consume any alcohol or smoke in public while representing Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

17. Volunteers should avoid using scented products, such as, perfume, scented deodorant, after shave etc. prior to visitation.

18. Volunteers must never assist a person to alter positions but should request the aid of a medical staff person. Moving a wheelchair to facilitate passing by is acceptable.

19. Volunteers must never give a person water, juice, food or snacks but should request the aid of a medical staff person. It is possible the person is on a strict medical diet awaiting surgery or tests.

20. Volunteers should maintain a spirit of co-operation with other organization members and will refrain from criticizing TPOC members or other organizations in public or to clients.

21. Volunteers will consider and protect the interests of the Organization and all its members.

22. Volunteers agree to advise their Team Leader immediately of any occurrence involving their pet and agree to abstain from visiting if their pet is involved in any occurrence that could jeopardize the integrity of the visitation program until such time as the occurrence has been investigated by the Team Leader, Director of Team Leaders, Director of Evaluators and the Director of Children’s Programs, when necessary.

23. Volunteers understand and acknowledge that they, and the TPOC organization, enter a facility as invited guests and that the facility may terminate these privileges or the visitation program at their discretion.

24. Submissions for revision to the Guidelines, Evaluation, Manual and all other Therapeutic Paws of Canada documents shall be accepted in writing at any time to be reviewed by the Board of Directors.