Opportunities to Donate

Your generous contributions help to provide and expand therapy pet visitation to those in healthcare, education, and social service facilities in communities across Canada.
We offer diverse programs designed to meet the needs of seniors, children, youth, first responders, victims and witnesses.

Canada helps is a free all-in-one solution for all your giving needs.  Click on the logo to donate any amount by credit card, PayPal, or Canada Helps gift card.  You will receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps for 100% of the value of your donation.  Through Canada Helps you can provide the following:

Sponsor/support a therapy pet team – Your $100 donation through Canada Helps will fund the apparel that a therapy team requires to represent the organization while visiting in communities across Canada.

Fundraise and donate for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary)Create a fundraiser through Canada Helps to honour someone you love, celebrate your birthday, or wedding, or simply challenge yourself!

Gift Of All Time (GOAT) – Your recurring monthly gift through Canada Helps will help provide ongoing visits by a therapy pet team for those struggling with mental illness, loneliness and isolation in the communities where we visit across Canada.  A charitable tax receipt will be provided.

Securities Donation – Discover the most tax-efficient way to donate to your favourite charities and help the causes you care about.  Visit Canada Helps to learn more.  A charitable tax receipt will be provided.

Other Opportunities to Donate

United Way Workplace Campaign – The United Way Workplace Campaign gives employees an opportunity to donate to their favourite charity through payroll deductions.  To get more information, speak to your employer about implementing a workplace campaign with your local United Way.
Employee Matching Program – Ask your employer about launching a matching gift program for Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ and then invite your fellow co-workers to join in on the fun.  For every dollar you raise and donate, your employer will match dollar for dollar.

Benevity – Many companies and corporations will support and encourage their employees volunteering by donating to Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ in their name.  A fabulous way for an employer to recognize their employee’s social conscience.  This is often done through employer partnerships with organizations such a Benevity.

Estate Planning – A bequest is a gift from your estate – a transfer of cash, securities, or other property – made through your estate plans.  A bequest costs nothing now and enables you to contribute to Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ programs far into the future.  Discuss this option with your family attorney.

Cheque or Money Order – Therapeutic Paws of Canada ™ is happy to accept your donation via cheque or money order for birthdays, special occasions or in memoriam.  Your donation should be payable to Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ and mailed to PO Box 5024, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 0A4.  A charitable tax receipt from Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ will be provided.