Become a Volunteer

By becoming a member of the Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ team you get to:

Work with your best friend
Volunteer to help those in need
Gain a sense of community
Meet new people
Give your dog/cat a job that is impactful
Contribute back to your community
Influence and affect someone’s day by visiting with your dog/cat

Therapeutic Paws of Canada™ does NOT train dogs or their handler, nor do we evaluate/certify personal support or service dogs.

We do evaluate qualified prospective teams to ensure their ability to participate in our pet therapy programs.

Handler and their pet must successfully pass the appropriate therapy dog or cat evaluation
Handler and their pet must successfully complete a series of monitored visits
Handler must have a clear Vulnerable Sector Police Records Check
Handler must provide three (3) references that know both the handler and their pet

For further information, see our FAQs