Our Dogs

Our therapy dogs are rigorously assessed to determine they have the instincts and personality required of a good therapy visitor. These dogs must display temperament that shows confidence, good manners and sociability with other dogs, cats and people.

Meet our dogs

Photo of Bayou


Ronald Benard, Pointe-Claire, QC

Bayou is a Bull Mastiff who currently visits at Lakeshore General Hospital in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. He has been visiting for 2 years.

Photo of Bella


Caroline Angers , Brampton

Bella is a 3 year old mixed poodle/Bichon Frisé full of energy. She joined TPOC in June 2012 and has been visiting the residents at Southbrook Retirement Community in Brampton. She has made Southbrook, her second home where she feels totally at ease, and the residents love her and are always looking forward to see her every week.


Photo of Brandy


Anna McCrory, North River Bridge, Vict. Co., NS

Brandy a mix Collie and Husky has visited at Alderwood Rest Home for 2 years. She 100 visits completed.

Photo of Braunson


Colleen Stamp, Creemore, ON

Braunson is a 2 year old Leonberger. He is a true gentle giant and delights the residents of Leisureworld Creedan Valley with his weekly visits.

Photo of Brent


Barbara Kelly, Napanee, ON

His registered name is Cnd. Ch. Quapaw’s I Believe N’Miracles. Brent was born in Missouri Aug.24,2000. He lives with his wife Gabby and their daughter Kayley.

Photo of Bucko


Earla Moore, Charolette Town, PEI

This is a picture of Earla and Bucko at their first “Paws To Read” session with a client. Bucko and Earla vist at the Confederation Centre Public Library.

Photo of Buddy


Joanne Rocky-Smith, Port Hope/Coburg, ON

Buddy and Joanne visit seniors in their community and participate in the Paws To Read Program.

Photo of Cato


Anne Harris, Brampton, ON

Cato is a 3 year old Golden Doodle and visits a the Woodhall Park Retirement Village in Brampton.

Photo of Cruizer



Cruizer is a 4 year old black Labrador Retriever mix.

As a 5 month old puppy Cruizer was left in a car during very humid weather and was scheduled to be euthanized due to poor prognosis.

Rachel MacQueen of the Thornbury team is a registered veterinary technician and decided to oversee Cruiser’s treatment. After a week of hospitalization Cruizer went on to make a full recovery.

He has been a joy to his family and his ‘fan club’, a mixture of 8 residents at Collingwood Nursing Home that sit faithfully at the entrance and await his arrival.

In addition to being a therapy dog Cruizer’s activities include obedience, agility, retrieving, and pulling a sled.

Photo of Jasmine


Michele Peddle, Hampton, ON

Jasmine is a three year old Poopom and visits at Lakeridge Hospital in Bowmanville, ON. Jasmine has completed five levels of obedience training.

Photo of Josh


Dr. Maureen Harper, Brampton

Josh is a four year old tiny toy poodle. He and his owner, Dr. Maureen Harper, enjoy visiting at the William Osler Health Centre and at Woodhall Park Retirement Village in Brampton every week.


Photo of Kally


Glenn Rylott,, Wasaga Beach, ON

Kally is a 4 1/2 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever who knows how
to work the entire room on her weekly visits at the Wasaga Seniors
Residence. In addition to being a therapy dog, Kally is obedience
trained and enjoys long walks especially if there is a chance to go

Photo of Katie


Michele, Sydney, NS

Katie participates in the Paws To Read program at the Cape Breton Regional Library (McConnell Library in Sydney).

Photo of Kaylee


Jane Mason, Brampton

Kaylee is a loving golden doodle who will be 3 in the summer of 2013.  She delights the children in 2 special education classrooms in Brampton on her weekly visits

Photo of Kodi


Rita Madill, Creemore, ON

Kodi is an 8 year old, carmel coloured Shiz Poo.  He enjoys

helping his many friends at the Creemore Nottawasaga Junior Public School

and they look forward to his visits.

Photo of Kodi


Jenn Petersen, Barrie, ON

Kodi is a six year old Maltese poodle mix. Kodi visits at Woods Park residence.

Photo of Lacy


Joanne Cameron, Moncton, NB

Lacy is a Shar Pei and part of the TPOC Moncton, N.B. team.   Lacy is 2 1/2 years old.  Joanne and Lacy visit at Royal Court, Canterbury Hall, Monarch hall, Terraces on Cameron, and the Adult Day Care at the YMCA.

Photo of Maggie, Founding Therapy Dog

Maggie, Founding Therapy Dog

Judy Sauvé Founder of Therapeutic Paws of Canada, Hawkesbury, ON

Maggie was the founding therapy dog and beloved pet of Judy Sauvé.

Photo of Max


Wendy Mitchell, Collingwood, ON

Max is a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who belongs to Wendy Mitchell. They have been visiting at Collingwood General & Marine Hospital for almost a year, and have recently decided to switch to a different population. They have been doing alternate weeks at Pine Villa Retirement Residence since October 2010 and will soon begin visiting the VON Day Way Program as well.

Photo of Max


Jane Brooks, Caledon, ON

Max is a four-and-a-half-year-old Newfoundland. His team visits at Peel Living, where he has lots of friends who think he’s wonderful.

Photo of Megan


Darlene Bohemier, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Megan is Labrador Retriever who currently vists at Bayview Center in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. She has been a visiting TPOC dog for one year

Photo of Merlin


Nancy Trus, Ottawa, ON

Merlin is 5. He visits the disabled education classes at St. Matthew Catholic High School in Orleans. He also loves to wander the halls and meet the rest of the student body whenever possible. Merlin loves anything that involves being with people, but also loves his runs in the woods, helping me teach dog classes, and chasing balls!

Photo of Moxy



 Moxy visits at several Retirement and Nursing homes within Haldimand County.  She also works at the Caledonia Library and schools in Haldimand County with kids of all ages.  In her spare time Moxy loves hiking and biking, chasing squirrels, swimming, and plenty of snuggles.

Photo of Ozzie


Rhonda Amsel, Montreal West Island

Ozzie, along with her owner, are part of the Montreal West Island Team. This photograph taken by Liz Read.

Photo of Payton


Jennifer Marquardt, Petawawa, ON

Payton is six years old. Payton is a gracious girl who knows how to work a roomful of people and will actually stick her head through a row of kids to make sure the ones at the back can reach her. Payton is also Best in Show winner, Champion, Obedience titled and agility titled as well.

Photo of Poochie


Renee Towns, Bedford, NS

Poochie is a five year old Shih Tzu who visits Drummond & Bradford Halls in Halifax, N.S. Poochie enjoys car rides, walks in the park and his weekly visits to seniors, especially the lap time he receives during his visits.

Photo of Riley


David Pittman, Ottawa West

Riley is a 3 year old a long haired Daschund and is a member of the Ottawa team. He is the loving companion of David and Carol Pittman.

Photo of Robin


Colleen Archer, Deep River, ON

Magisterial’s Sir Red Robert. Robin is a two year old Carin Terrier and visits at North Renfrew Long Term Care Centre, Four Seasons Lodge Robin’s other activities showcasing mini-agility demonstrations.

Photo of Roc


Mark Grant, Nova Scotia

Can. Ch. Lasquite’s Regal Rocket Man. Mark and Roc participate in the Paws To Read Program at the Spring Garden Road Branch library in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Photo of Rufus


Ed Whiteside, Brampton

Rufus is a 61/2 year old Wheaten Terrier.  He has been visiting a seniors residence for just over a year.  The last 3 months he has also been visiting 2 classrooms, one for special needs children and the other for children with learning disabilities, where he uses his Paws to Read program.  Rufus has also visited, for a break from stressful times, the Microsoft offices, and Guelph and McMaster universities.  And, only when asked, Rufus also likes to provide some light and very popular entertainment by ‘singing’ (howling)!

Photo of Sage and Buddy

Sage and Buddy

Joanne Rockey-Smith, Port Hope/Cobourg

A photo of Joanne’s Golden Retrievers Sage(11 year old) and Buddy(7 year old). Sage is Buddy’s mom.  Sage, Buddy and Joanne volunteer in Port Hope / Cobourg.

Photo of Sammy


Sue Hillerby, Collingwood, ON

Sammy is a 6.5 a five year old Standard Poodle, who lives in Collingwood and visits at Collingwood General & Marine Hospital. He also takes part in the Paws To Read program at Collingwood Public Library.

Photo of Sparkles


Lynn McPherson, Nova Scotia

Sparkles, a mix Terrier, visits at the Braemore Home and Glace Bay Library.

Photo of Tarkus


Marcia Murray-Stoof, Barrie, ON

Tars Tarkas is six years old and has been visiting with TPOC since he was a year old. He has been a visiting member with TPOC since 2005. Tarkus participates in the Paws To Read Program at 2 local schools (Innisfil Central School and Holy Cross Catholic School) swapping schools between terms.

Photo of TJ


Linda Martin, Brampton, ON

Now that I am the Team Leader in Georgetown, my 12 year old dog TJ has assumed a new and very important role. He demonstrates to the new dogs and their handlers how to make the rounds at Extendicare then sits back to watch a new canine student copy his example. He willingly shares the attention that the residents lavish on the dogs and is a good mentor.

Photo of Tundra


Audrey Giles, Ottawa East

Tundra and Audrey Giles have been visiting their friends at Portobello Manor in Orleans, Ontario for over two years. Adopted as an adult stray from the cold streets of Edmonton, Tundra has enjoyed life with Audrey for seven years. She loves her younger canine sister Tilly, but draws the line at sharing toys.

Photo of Wilson


Hazel Anne Bates, Port Hope/Coburg, ON

Wilson and Hazel visit seniors in the Port Hope/Coburg community.

Photo of Wookey


Simone Norman, Ottawa

Introducing Ch. Puglust’s Loki of Joycress (a.k.a. Wookey). He is 8 years old.  He was born in B.C., moved to Newfoundland where he got his canadian show championship and sired a couple of litters, and then was given to us when he was two after retiring from his show career.    I’ve worked with him in obedience and agility but his forte is his amazing temperment. Wookey has been a member of T.P.O.C. since 2007.  He began his career visiting nursing homes and, after becoming child certified in 2008, started working with children shortly after. He currently visits Naismith Memorial Public School in Almonte, Ontario, where children read to him and kids and staff alike benefit from his calming presence. When Wookey is not out visiting he likes learning new tricks, going for walks, and playing with his furry siblings, Squid and Tikki.  While outside he takes great pleasure in marking every possible vertical surface (Tikki not excluded).  And he LOVES mealtime.

Photo of Xander


Carrie-Leigh Bartlett, Kingston, ON

Xander is a 6.5 year old male Rottweiler. The team visits St. Mary’s on the Lake Hospital. Xander has his CGN and TT. He has titles in CKC Rally for Novice, Advance and Excellent. He has participated in agility, and does carting and backpacking.

Photo of Zoe


Lynn McPherson, Nova Scotia

Zoe has been visiting for two years at Braemore Home.