Supporters & Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering with your cat or dog in our pet therapy programs? First, review the “Pet Evaluations” to see if your pet would be suitable. Second, review the Volunteer Guidelines to see if you have what it takes. Then click on the “Team Leaders” tab at the top of the page to find the contact person in your community. If you don’t see a team listed where you live and want to start one up, please contact the Director of Team Leaders to enquire about becoming a Team Leader in your area.

Pet Evaluations

Therapeutic Paws of Canada is entirely volunteer. Your generous support helps us continue improving lives in your community.

  • Supporters Your donations assure that people will benefit from the special kind of love our pets bring.
  • Volunteer Guidelines Therapeutic Paws of Canada is entirely volunteer.
  • Team Leaders To discuss the program or request an evaluation for your pet contact a representative in your area.

Learn about some of our amazing volunteer dogs!


Learn more about some of our great volunteer cats!