Evaluations Animaux

Pet Evaluations

Therapeutic Paws of Canada evaluates and supports visiting teams comprised of a cat or dog and their handler.

The evaluation process for a cat or dog and their handler has multiple steps. The first step in an evaluation is to contact the Team Leader in your community.

Dogs & Cats must be a minimum of one (1) year of age to attend the Evaluation.

Handlers must be a minimum 18 years old.

Minor handlers 14 years plus, may enter the program when accompanied by a parent, whom also has to qualify as a member.


Team Leaders 

Your local team leader will contact you and explain our visiting programs and the evaluation requirements.  Initially they are gauging your interest and commitment to pet therapy.

Once your interest is established, information about upcoming evaluations will be provided and you will be scheduled to attend an evaluation or will be contacted when one is scheduled.

These evaluations are focused on the suitability of you and your pet becoming a visiting team.  This is not an obedience test.  It is a Behavioural Assessment.  Our visiting pets should be well mannered, love people and be well socialized (i.e. new things are ok).

You and your pet will be evaluated together as a Team.  Only those that have passed the Evaluation, completed the membership paperwork & monitored visits, will be allowed to handle the pet during Pet Therapy Visits on behalf/for TPOC. You will be asked to bring health records for your pet to the evaluation for the evaluator / teamleader to validate.  Your pet should be well groomed and wearing a regular Flat Buckle or Snap Collar for dogs.  Cats are to wear a harness and arrive in a carrying crate.  Leashes for both cats and dogs should be between six (6) and four (4) foot fabric, nylon or leather.

At the completion of the evaluation, should you pass, you will be asked to provide references and given information about submitting for a police records check.  The police records check is  particularly focused on ensuring our comfort and the facilities comfort of your interaction with the vulnerable sector.

When references and police records checks are completed a series of monitored visits will take place.  Here your local team leader, or perhaps their designate, will accompany you on the first few visits to convey the visiting practices and policies and ensure that the great demeanor and manners experienced in the evaluation will carry over to this new environment.

When all those steps are complete.  Your pet, with you, are a certified team and will be visiting facilities as a representative of Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

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